The main thing about us

We carry out the whole range of road works

InfraRed specialists professionally perform all types of road construction and repair, arrangement of related infrastructure, landscaping. We have been working in Georgia since 2003, in Ukraine - since 2019. We own a fleet of the newest road equipment CAT and SCANIA built in 2019-2020. We perform all road works ourselves and provide all equipment for rent on favorable terms.

Company details

Construction of the base of the pavement

Asphalt paving construction

Construction of cement concrete pavement

Combined pavement construction

Infrastructure design

Rental of special equipment

5 advantages of cooperation with InfraRED

Vast experience

On the territory of Georgia, we constantly work on state orders in different municipalities. Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience of working in different, often very difficult conditions.

We carry out all kinds of road works

We build a variety of roads, highways and access roads, runways, platforms. We do major, chip-seal, running repairs of roads. We restore destroyed or damaged communications, equip the adjacent territory.

High mobility

In Ukraine, the fleet of cars and special equipment is located in Borispol, and they will be delivered to any part of the country in the shortest possible time when necessary. In Georgia, construction teams work effectively throughout the country, including complex areas of mountainous terrain.

Favorable working conditions

The most modern equipment and extensive experience of InfraRed employees helps to minimize the time of work or renting special equipment. Increased efficiency allows customers to get the maximum profit without losing the quality of the result.

Excellent equipment

All our equipment is produced by the world's leading companies in the field of road construction, built in 2019-2020, and part of it is still on warranty. Using the most powerful and modern machines, we provide high quality, speed, and efficiency for us and our customers as well as excellent working conditions for operators.

Our works

We are proud of the quality of our work

Company InfraRED performs all kinds of road-building works in Georgia since 2003. Since 2019, the company is represented in Ukraine. We built roads and highways by state orders for various purposes, equipped infrastructure in the Georgian municipalities of Gurjani, Kvareli, Lagodekhi. We provide a guarantee for all works. Most often, the warranty period is 10 years.

We implement:

  • construction and arrangement of communication routes (laying of cables, pipes, water channels);
  • bridge repair;
  • working out of the design documentation, making of corrections and changes in state projects if it is necessary in the course of works performance;
  • construction and improvement of roads for various purposes.

Asphalt and related materials are produced in the company's own asphalt plant. All available machinery is leased out on terms favorable to customers.

InfraRED gathers a group of engineers who have extensive experience in the construction of roads, man-made structures, bridge crossings and airfield complexes.

Under each order, we provide:

  • the best conditions for customers and contractors;
  • perfect quality of work;
  • the shortest terms of work;
  • exact conformity of a range of works to the requirements of the design documentation;
  • optimal mobility of working teams.

Our infrastructure network is developed all over the country. We work under the state orders, with large, average, and small business, under individual orders. Make a call!